Which vehicles are best for towing?

fordDespite the fact that majority of motorists may not be looking for tow vehicles, many vehicles such as those used by wpbtowingservice.com have been designed for towing nonetheless.

No matter the cargo, be it a horse float, caravan or a trailer, large engines are the best for awesome experiences as opposed to smaller ones (with few exceptions). So always go for the biggest cubic capacity that you can get your hands on.

Most of these vehicles will not make it to the top of any list regarding fuel economy, but boy, can they tow. In no particular order, below are the best towing vehicles.

2018 Ford Expedition

This vehicle is among the best towing vehicles that are not trucks. This brand new tow vehicle for 2018, can pull up to 9300 pounds. It is equipped with an intuitive; console mounted steering system that makes it easy to hitch up a trailer. For an even better experience, you can order the Expedition with lots of modern-day connectivity and safety features.

2018 Kia Sportage

This is another towing vehicle that is not a truck. It’s a lot smaller than the Ford Expedition. It is almost three feet shorter in length than the full-size Ford. This is what makes its 2000 pounds towing capacity impressive. Also, thanks to its peppy four-cylinder engine, the Sportage can handle small popup campers, personal watercraft, and even snowmobiles. It also has a Top Safety Picj=k rating from the IIHS.

Skoda Octavia Scout estate

skodaThis is another four-wheel drive vehicle that looks and feels as if it was made for towing from the outset. In addition to having a robust and smooth engine that can whisk your caravan up at cruising speed, once at your preferred velocity, you will feel utterly confident in its breaks and handling. With Skoda Octavia Scout 2.0-litre, you will have no problem accelerating onto a dual-carriageway or a busy motorway.

Land Rover Range Rover

Are you looking for a luxurious tow vehicle? If yes then the Range Rover is the one. This vehicle comes with a beautiful interior, a fantastic exterior and a towing capacity of 7700 pounds. This is the Rolls Royce of trucks. This vehicle also off-roads like crazy.

 It goes without saying that the massive towing capacities will most likely belong to trucks. But incase there is no big ol’ truck or SUV in your life, sedans, and wagons will do the tow for you.

Tons of other 4×4 vehicles are great for towing. The above information will help you find the right towing car if you are looking for one.